Two Pi awarded First Prize for Innovations in User-centered Hearing Aid Fitting

The Viennese company Two Pi has captured first prize in the “Life Sciences 2011” event organized by the Technology Agency of the City of Vienna (ZIT) for its novel approach to hearing aid fitting.

Vienna - Two Pi has captured first prize in the “Life Sciences 2011” event organized by the Technology Agency of the City of Vienna (ZIT) for its novel approach to hearing aid fitting. The patented Self-Fit method significantly enhances the accuracy of hearing aid fittings and provides distinct benefits for hearing aid users. The integrated hearing aid technology is based on a truly interactive method that is currently being clinically verified by Two Pi’s project partner, the renowned Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam, Holland.

Self-Fit’s advantage is achieved through the full involvement of patients in an intuitive, interactive procedure. This approach resolves inherent problems of conventional fine tuning that often ultimately lead to low hearing aid acceptance. Rather than responding to repetitive questions from an audiologist, patients using Self-Fit are immersed into an audio-visual dialog environment that allows them to find optimal amplification through their own perceptual experience.       

The audio-visual dialog is provided via a smart phone or tablet device, whereas pre-processed sound is streamed directly into the hearing aid. Patients provide their preferences by referring to visually displayed objects using the intuitive touch-screen, while an automated algorithm continuously updates amplification parameters without interrupting the stream of audio visual information. The adaptation process continues until the patient is fully satisfied with the hearing device fine-tuning/fitting.

Self-Fit addresses serious problems with low hearing aid acceptance related to suboptimal fitting and fine tuning. Two Pi is proud to announce our collaboration with such a highly experienced partner as AMC that will strengthen the project with its outstanding expertise in interactive fitting and audiological evaluation. In addition to its fundamental scientific contribution, AMC will provide access to a pool of patients for objective verification of the Self-Fit feature.     

“There is need for intelligent interactive procedures in which the user him/her self will be able to fine-tune the hearing aid settings according to his/her preferences in different acoustical conditions.”, says Wouter Dreschler, head of the Audiology department of AMC. “Self-Fit” is an innovative approach that intuitively provides such a procedure for the benefit of the hearing aid users.”

About Two Pi:

Two Pi is an innovative technology company developing advanced intellectual property for the hearing healthcare, personal communications and professional communications markets. Two Pi's algorithm catalogue results from a streamlined scientific program carried out in cooperation with university partners.

About AMC:

The Academic Medical Center (AMC) is one of the foremost research institutions in the Netherlands, as well as one of its largest hospitals. Over 7000 people work here to provide integrated patient care, fundamental and clinical scientific research, and teaching. Medical and biomedical research at the Academic Medical Center enjoys international prestige. AMC’s publications are among the best in the world.

About ZIT:

ZIT - the Technology Agency of the City of Vienna supports companies in the entire innovation process. ZIT offers consulting services, monetary grants, technology-specific real estate as well as communications services. Established in the year 2000 ZIT has introduced and coordinated a considerable number of calls that have provided support of more than EUR 40 million.

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