TissueGnostics to be selected for the "Landing Zone Go Boston" and to celebrate its 15th anniversary

Our mission to provide tools that help researchers and medical doctors to defeat cancer as well as other diseases has been achieved and we are able to improve patient welfare with our tools now. That's what we are proud of! TissueGnostics has been selected for the WKO program "Landing Zone Go Boston" and is looking forward to strengthening the U.S. business.

15 years ago on April 13, TissueGnostics GmbH (TG) was entered in the company register of the Vienna Business Court. A lot has been achieved since then:

  • TG’s trend-setting products enabled break-through biomedical research in many fields, especially in cancer research
  • The capabilities of TG's products are highly appreciated worldwide as is demonstrated by hundreds of installations on six continents
  • A global network of customers and research partners has been establihed
  • More than 800 scientific articles have been published by our customers using our tools
  • 7 EU-funded and 15 national R&D projects have been carried out by TG or are currently ongoing

TissueGnostics has been selected for the WKO program "Landing Zone Go Boston" and is looking forward to strengthening the U.S. business.

About TissueGnostics

TissueGnostics (TG) is an Austrian company focusing on integrated solutions for high content and/or high throughput scanning and analysis of biomedical, veterinary, natural sciences and technical microscopy samples. TG has been founded by scientists from the Vienna University Hospital (AKH) in 2003. It is now a globally active company with subsidiaries in the EU, the USA and China and customers in 30 countries. More details are available at the TG webpage.

TissueGnostics portfolio

TG scanning systems are currently based on versatile automated microscopy systems with or without image analysis capabilities. We strive to provide cutting-edge technology solutions, such as multispectral imaging and context-based image analysis as well as established features like Z-Stacking and Extended Focus. This is combined with a strong emphasis on automation, ease of use of all solutions and the production of publication-ready data. TGs cutting-edge Contextual Tissue Cytometry analysis software, apart from being integrated into full systems is fully standalone capable and supports a wide variety of scanner image formats as well as digital images taken with any microscope.

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