TissueGnostics: Leading Vienna Medical Technology Company TissueGnostics establishes its position in the European top field

TissueGnostics celebrates its 10 year anniversary with the admission in the elite group of companies formedaround leading universities whose objectivesare to redefine the European Digital Pathology and Diagnostics.

The Vienna-based company TissueGnostics is celebrating twice this year! On the one hand it celebrates its 10-year anniversary and looks back at EUR 14.5 million total sales in 25 countries. There are already 320 digital workstations equipped with TissueGnostics licenses in the world. On the other hand, the company was able to secure a place in the top field of the European diagnostics market - because since 1stNovember 2013 TissueGnostics has beenpart of the European consortium formed by leading universities and companies in the field of digital pathology.

The consortium comprises the EU Member States United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Romania, Lithuania and Austria– and therefore Vienna, Austria - represents this selectiveconsortiumby TissueGnostics.

The EU-funded multi-million Euro project AIDPATH - Academia and Industry Collaboration for Digital Pathology - aims at world-leading digital methods and techniques - based on fresh computer technology to establish pathology and diagnostics towards the end of the forecast within a 4-year project duration. This will be validated by clinical trials toinsure a timely market and economic implementation.

With TissueGnostics, technological Vienna is once again the center of Europe, since it is within the innovative pulse of the 21st Century.

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