TissueGnostics introduces the concept of “Tissue Sociology”

While in “Sociology” researchers investigate the behavior of and interactions between individual human beings, TissueGnostics’ powerful StrataQuest software permits a similar approach on the single cell level. StrataQuest can analyze locations of single cells in tissue context, perform “neighborhood analyses” and quantitate cellular interactions in various ways.

At TissueGnostics we understand cells not just as a “bunch of biomolecules” but as ACTING ENTITIES that communicate and interact with each other – just like humans talk to and interact with each other. Different cells might not be just next to each other “by chance”, but any cellular presence, absence, or distribution will have both a “specific cause and meaning”.
The art of analyzing which molecules are present on certain cells in tissue context has been termed “tissue cytometry” – an art introduced by TissueGnostics more than 10 years ago.
As TissueGnostics’ TissueFAXS Cytometry platform has made this “tissue cytometric analysis” a well-established and well-accepted standard technology within the scientific community, with more than 200 scientific papers published by the end of 2014, we want to move forward and provide our customers and users tools to focus on the interactions of cells in tissue context – this new way of looking at cells is what we call Tissue Sociology!
From a conceptual and scientific point of view we invite you, our partners, colleagues, clients and users to follow us on this path into the future!

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