TissueGnostics announces a significant expansion in Asia

In close collaboration with its Chinese distributor TissueGnostics GmbH, Vienna, has established its China Division. 

TissueGnostics, founded in 2003, is an ISO 13485 certified manufacturer of medical devices. The innovative products qualify for biomedical research as well as routine diagnostics. Currently there are installations in 26 countries around the globe. TissueGnostics China Division is a joint endeavor between TissueGnostics and Beijing Huawei Zhongyi Technology. Having a direct presence of the brand “TissueGnostics” in China better meets the expectations of customers in this Asian marketplace. TissueGnostics China Division starts with a core team of 5 employees. Their working force will be supplemented and expanded by periodic visits of staff from TG-Europe. A Chinese webpage (www.tissuegnostics.cn, www.tissuegnostics.co.cn, www.tissuegnostics.co.hk) will be online soon. This was the next step following the company’s global expansion strategy and manifests TissueGnostics’ direct presence on three continents – Europe, North America, and now Asia.

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