Tiani Spirit wins Health Data Provenance Challenge with blockchain solution

The ability to verify where data has come from (provenance) is becoming increasingly important in the context of the growing challenges posed by digitalization. Tiani Spirit has been named one of the four winners of the “Oh the Places Data Goes: Health Data Provenance Challenge” for its blockchain solution based on the Hyperledger platform. 

The contest is hosted by the Department of Health and Humans Services Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) to find innovative and standardized solutions for the improvement and collection of healthcare data.

“We believe that data provenance will be unavoidable in the future. The traceability of the origin of information depends largely on the standardization of data exchange in the health sector, which Tiani Spirit also addresses with its portfolio. We are therefore very pleased that our provenance solution has won this award,” commented Martin Tiani, CEO of Tiani Spirit GmbH.

The traceable life cycle of health data is essential
Health data often travels a long way before it reaches its final destination and – in health care facilities – is used for research, or by individuals. Data can be converted, mapped, merged, extracted, transformed and loaded. Against this backdrop, it is essential to know its origin in order to pinpoint the sources and their trustworthiness. The term “provenance” refers to metadata or additional information about data, in particular when and who created it and whether the data was altered during information exchange. This knowledge makes it possible to identify and amend incorrect information and errors, which results in improvements in patient safety and greater data accuracy.

Blockchain technology for health data provenance
Tiani Spirit, together with researchers from the Cyber Security group of University of Southampton and with Jason Rosenzweig, B.S., formed the Hyper e-Health team, which scored points in the “Oh the Places Data Goes: Health Data Provenance Challenge” with its blockchain approach. Out of 19 submissions in total, the team made the top four in the first round. The White Paper is based on existing standards such as the Sequoia Project and the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN). These are reinterpreted in the blockchain context and the open source blockchain platform Hyperledger, in order to make it possible to verify data provenance effectively. The next round of the competition is about testing the proposed solution and presenting the findings.

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About Tiani Spirit GmbH
Emerged from Tiani Medgraph in 2004, the goal of Tiani Spirit GmbH is to develop standard-based software solutions for secure data exchange in the healthcare sector based on IHE guidelines. As an international non-profit organization, the IHE enables interoperability in the entire healthcare system. With 45 employees in 6 countries, Tiani Spirit is represented internationally with its solutions and cooperates with well-known industry partners. With its know-how of standard-based data exchange, Tiani Spirit is increasingly opening up new markets where secure data exchange and interoperability are crucial, such as the energy sector and the insurance sector. Since 2009, Tiani Spirit has been recognized as the world’s most comprehensive standard-based data and imaging exchange solution in the healthcare sector.

Tiani Spirit GmbH
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