The running track is anywhere and everywhere: MedUni Vienna's 14th Cancer Research Run reinvented as "Distant Running" event

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, MedUni Vienna's 14th Cancer Research Run will take place under very special circumstances. This year, under the slogan "The running track is anywhere and everywhere", the charity run, which has been held on a running track on the Old General Hospital university campus every year since 2007 to promote cancer research, will take the form of a "Distant Running" event. On 03 October 2020 there will be no central running track, on which everyone can run or walk together in support of MedUni Vienna cancer research projects but, instead, you can run wherever you like, so long as you do it between 10:00 and 14:00 hrs.

Radio 88.6 will provide the soundtrack. Between 10:00 and 14:00 hrs on 03 October the station will play a compilation of motivational songs for running, put together by the participants of the Cancer Research Run 2020.

The community will also meet on the social media channels for the Cancer Research Run ( and MedUni Vienna ( where they can share and post videos and photographs using the hashtags #krebsforschungslauf and #wirlaufenweiter. All the details about the Cancer Research Run and motivational videos from MedUni Vienna employees and participating corporate teams and solo runners plus details of how to register and options for donating to cancer research can be found on the website:

It's easy to take part – soundtrack and refreshments included

It's easy to run or walk with us. There is a form to fill in on the website: After making a donation to cancer research by way of a joining fee (at least €20), all participants will be sent a starting number by post. There will also be an option to request a favourite song to be included in the 88.6 soundtrack. This is possible on the station's website or on the 88.6 Facebook page.

And then, on Saturday 03 October, all you have to do is start running… equipped with your starting number, mobile phone and headphones – free refreshments will be on offer in nine participating branches of Anker. You can find out which ones these are from the website. Using the hashtags #krebsforschungslauf and #wirlaufenweiter, runners should then post photos and videos of their run on Instagram or Facebook to signal: "We keep on running or cancer research!" There are special packages available for teams from firms and organisations: (

An official running shirt, this time in petrol blue, is available for €20 in the  in Vienna General Hospital or for online ordering at: You can also order T-shirts with a personal message via the Facebook page for the Cancer Research Run.

100% goes to research

100% of the money raised by the Cancer Research Run goes to MedUni Vienna Cancer Research Initiative projects. So far, more than 50 cancer research projects have been launched. Ten scientific projects are currently being funded. Every year, cancer is responsible for around 25% of all deaths in Austria. Around 40,000 new cases are diagnosed annually. The commonest cancers in women are breast cancer (29%), lung and bowel cancer (10% each). For men it is prostate cancer (23%), followed by lung cancer (14%) and then bowel cancer (12%). There has been a significant increase in relative 5-year survival over the last few decades and it now stands at around 60%. And although the number of new cases is increasing, cancer mortality is falling – as a result of intensive research activity. The results of basic research improve diagnostic techniques and therapeutic methods, giving rise to new treatment concepts.

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