SysKid’s 3rd Meeting: »Excellent Cooperations and All Projects in Time«

At the end of SysKid's third annual meeting the consortium summarized SysKid’s achievements with three catchwords: »Great progress«, »good cooperations«, and »all projects are in time«. More than 75 scientists from SysKid-Partners met to present and discuss their results from January 31 to February 2, 2013 in Vienna, hosted by emergentec biodevelopment GmbH.

General strategy in accordance with SysKid’s runtime was to focus on the translational aspects of the project work with respect to biomarkers, risk calculators and epidemiology, and concepts for halting disease progression.  This strategy was reflected by the meeting in Vienna, too. »SysKid-Partners are screening for new and relevant biomarkers on all levels from the genome to the metabolome, and there are plenty of biomarker candidates detected on all levels«, Gert Mayer said. Now there is even more work waiting: All participants in Vienna agreed that validation is of utmost importance. 
 SysKid researchers also presented results improving molecular mechanistic understanding of CKD’s pathophysiology, as well as combining biomarker candidates with a CKD process and pathway view. Equally in progress are risk calculator prototypes as well as CKD epidemiological assessment on a European level. Data exchange between the groups is excellent, too. »The clinicians define cohortes and deliver samples and data to be analyzed by other groups, altogether being combined in an integrated analysis involving the entire SysKid team«, Mayer said. »There is a lot of output to come«, Mayer said with respect to SysKid’s future. »I’m convinced we can present results to be proud of in two more years.«

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