SIMCharacters: Founded in Collaboration With Vienna-Based SIMStation

Many years ago, before Dr. Jens Schwindt founded SIMCharacters, he was having trouble getting a failing make-shift camera to record his neonatology simulations at the Medical University Vienna. Hopeful for answers, he reached out to his network which eventually lead him to a phone call with Joachim Hilbrand and Christian Mueller. Both had extensive experience with developing user interface systems, media production, audio production facilities, project management, and growing small businesses. Joachim and Christian helped Jens improve his system and immediately realized the huge opportunity to help countless other simulation programs by building an intuitive, easy to use, high quality and reliable a/v recording system. So in 2011 along with other partners they soon founded SIMStation!

As a young, dynamically expanding company with over 20 employees, the SIMStation team designs and develops highly innovative audio-visual systems for medical simulation at their site in Vienna, as well as advise simulation and training centers on the planning and implementation of simulation-technology facilities. Since 2013 they  have implemented numerous SIMStation systems in more than 14 different countries, from the individual in situ facility right up to major simulation centers. Amongst others, renowned medical universities in London, Paris, Munich and Vienna rank among their customers.

The SIMStation interdisciplinary team consists of software developers, designers, media technicians, architects and engineers. In our own laboratory and workshops we research and develop, in close coordination with our international clients, innovative solutions for the future of medical simulation. The entire process of software development and hardware production takes place in their own facility.

In fact, it was out of these same offices that Dr. Schwindt founded a new company, SIMCharacters, to build the world’s first high emotion preterm simulator Paul! Working alongside each other for years, several SIMStation team members helped Jens and SIMCharacters to develop portions of the Paul simulator system.

Although the companies now work out of different offices, they remain on the same wonderful block of District 5 in Vienna and meet regularly to support each other in the development of these cutting edge simulation systems!

While each system works with all other brands of manikin and a/v recording system, those who own both can automatically start recording of SIMStation from their Paul control tablet, with annotations directly integrated.

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