SCARLETRED Discovery Program (DP): SaaS as our Novel Flagship Service for Industry Clinical Trials

The DP aims to collaborate with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies by providing access to our customizable software Scarletred®Vision for exploratory or early-stage clinical studies at a more attractive price point.

The Discovery Program (DP) has been our successful business model that initially started with small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and academic partners as our earliest technology adopters ten years ago to explore and further develop the components of the Scarletred®Vision medical device software. Since then, the DP has evolved to a flexible SaaS (Software as a Subscription) with the help of a great variety of sponsored research pilot, clinical or post-marketing studies of our partners. The DP has offered exclusive access to our software to support dermatologists’ trials and SMEs as a supportive tool by allowing precise customization of the platform as per clinical trial needs. It can also be used as a proof of concept for new applications which are often underfunded, e.g., for rare diseases. Therefore, SCARLETRED’s SaaS as an additional and bespoke program offers individual physicians, hospitals, and growing companies with promising projects the opportunity to experience the benefits of using Scarletred®Vision during their trials at a significantly reduced price point.

The DP focuses on forming cooperations in the early phases of a research project for the best results. The program aims to function as a building block for future studies by companies that conduct exploratory or clinical studies (up to Phase 1) by providing access to our software Scarletred®Vision and tackling specific skin challenges and study requirements to customize our services accordingly to find a perfect digital solution together. The early adoption of Scarletred®Vision can provide mutual benefits as our tool offers added value to a project by generating quantifiable data, reducing costs, and significantly improving the quality and outcome of the research study.

We are excited to announce that our service is now offered beyond SMEs to large-scale projects of our partners from the biopharmaceutical, cosmetic, and MedTech industries. 

What does this mean for you as our new Discovery SaaS partner? 

We are always eager to partner up with more innovative minds and projects. If you think that your project would benefit from cooperating with SCARLETRED, feel free to apply via our Application Form with a short introduction and a project summary to let us know about how you plan on using Scarletred®Vision to enhance your project.

Upon review and selection, we will provide you with a customized SaaS offer that delivers you complete access to our digital dermatology experience and service. At the same time, the collected research data enhances the software for future disease applications to validate disease-specific digital skin biomarkers, improve dynamic grading systems and AI-powered decision support tools specifically for your needs.

About us

SCARLETRED is a Digital Health Company designing, developing and delivering revolutionary Software Products and Services in Dermatology and Telemedicine. ‍Our mission is to introduce standardization in the process of skin data generation, objectify disease & treatment assessment and accelerate data analysis in clinical trials & medical routine.


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