Scailyte and Lexogen create a joint biomarker discovery workflow for precision medicine companies

Scailyte, a single-cell biomarker discovery company and Lexogen, a leader in RNA sequencing solutions, announce a strategic partnership. The companies will create a joint biomarker discovery workflow, leveraging Lexogen’s new single-cell RNA sequencing platform LUTHOR™ and Scailyte’s AI-driven analytics platform ScaiVision™. The joint platform will enable discovery and validation of ultra-sensitive biomarkers thanks to the LUTHOR™’s unprecedented resolution of single-cell transcriptomes, and the ability of ScaiVision™ to detect complex molecular signatures in biological samples.

The joint workflow will focus on applications within oncology and immunology, such as qualification and stratification of patients for clinical trials, analysis of trial results on deep cellular level or analysis and quality control along the development of cell therapies.
The companies kick-start the outreach to pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, aiming to set up the first pilot projects in Q3-2021.

“The combination of these unique and innovative tools is great news for everyone! Indeed, thanks to an unprecedented level of information and precision, this platform will contribute to making personalized medicine a reality, and ultimately save more lives.” said Stéphane Barges, Chief Executive Officer at Lexogen.

Andrius Serva, PhD, Director of Corporate Development at Scailyte added: “Scailyte’s success in biomarker discovery and validation is tightly linked to high-quality single-cell input datasets. Our ScaiVision™ platform integrates this data together with clinical patient parameters and identifies accurate molecular biomarkers that are used for disease diagnosis, prognosis, prediction of patient response to a treatment or cell therapy QC. I am delighted about the partnership with Lexogen, which will allow us to offer an end-to-end biomarker discovery workflow to the joint customers in pharmaceutical, diagnostic and CRO industries. Together with Lexogen, we will be able to offer the solution for ultra-sensitive biomarkers to more customers and so bring the benefits of precision medicine to more patients.”

About Scailyte

Scailyte AG is a spin-off of ETH Zurich and combines single-cell technologies, high-quality datasets and machine learning methods to identify disease-specific biomarkers, with a focus on oncology and immunology. Scailyte’s proprietary best-in-class data analysis platform ScaiVision™ associates multimodal single-cell datasets (RNA-/TCR-/BCR-seq, proteomics, etc.) with clinical endpoints, such as disease diagnosis, progression, severity, treatment response, in order to identify ultra-sensitive biomarker signatures. Thanks to the single-cell resolution and AI-driven approach, ScaiVision™ is the most powerful and cutting-edge approach to develop methods for precise diagnosis and prediction of therapy response. Scailyte leverages a global network of clinicians to identify disease indications with high unmet needs and collaborates with global pharmaceutical and biotech companies to translate the novel biomarkers into ultra-sensitive companion diagnostics (CDx) and IVD assays.

For more information, visit and connect on social media @LinkedIn and @Twitter.

About Lexogen

Established in 2007, Lexogen is a leading company in transcriptomics, next-generation sequencing, and RNA analysis. The mission of the Lexogen team is to empower their customers with innovative top quality RNA analysis solutions and support, in order to improve health and well-being for everyone and our planet. Lexogen is the leader in 3’ RNA sequencing, a technology proven for its efficiency, its robustness, and its sensitivity. Lexogen’s portfolio includes innovative kits for true single-cell as well as bulk RNA Sequencing, RNA purification and ribosomal RNA depletion, spike-in RNA variant controls, and metabolic RNA labeling. Lexogen also provides first-class, fully integrated RNA analysis services from experimental design to analytical reporting.

Lexogen is a privately held company, headquartered in Vienna, Austria with a subsidiary in New Hampshire, USA.

To learn more, visit or connect on social media @LinkedIn and @Twitter.

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