Savira: Roche takes over development of Savira’s influenza polymerase inhibitor programs

Savira pharmaceuticals GmbH today announced that Roche (SIX: RO, ROG; OTCQX: RHHBY) will take sole development responsibility for Savira’s influenza polymerase inhibitor programs.

“After several years of excellent collaboration with Roche, we are pleased to see that our development programs are now being pursued by our colleagues at the Infectious Diseases Discovery and Translational Area (DTA) in Basel, reflecting the strategic importance of the project for our partner”, says Oliver Szolar, Savira’s CEO.

“We are in the process of handing over our polymerase inhibitor programs to Roche who will take this forward into the next stage of development”, adds Helmut Buschmann, Savira’s CSO. "Our collaboration with Savira will allow Roche to maximize this opportunity to develop new molecules for influenza", says Janet Hammond, Global Head Infectious Diseases DTA, Roche.

About Savira
Savira pharmaceuticals GmbH – based in Vienna, Austria – is focusing on the design of novel, innovative influenza therapeutics using a rational, structure-based drug development approach. Savira follows the biotech business model, turning capital and public grants into the preclinical and clinical development of a portfolio of anti-influenza drug candidates. Savira thus strives to create a sustainable pipeline, generate value for shareholders, improve quality of life for people suffering from influenza, and add to the arsenal of antivirals thus improving influenza pandemic preparedness.

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