Roche launches mySugr Pump Control within the mySugr app to simplify insulin pump therapy via smartphone

- mySugr now allows control of the Accu-Chek Insight insulin pump directly via smartphone, starting in Austria, bringing more discretion and simplicity to the life of people with diabetes.

- With the mySugr Pump Control, people with diabetes can deliver standard bolus and view pump status in the same place where they keep their diabetes data.

- People with diabetes are given the possibility to share insulin pump data with their healthcare professionals for a more integrated and personalised approach to diabetes care.

Roche today announced the launch of the mySugr Pump Control, a new module within the mySugr app. The mySugr Pump Control is designed to enable people with diabetes to control an insulin pump directly via a smartphone: import its data, view its status, and remotely deliver a standard bolus. The mySugr Pump Control is an important building block within Roche’s strategy of integrated Personalised Diabetes Management (iPDM) bringing true relief to people with diabetes by supporting their selfmanagement of insulin pump therapy.

“When talking to people with diabetes, you realise that there is a real wish to carry as few therapy devices as possible, and that those devices should be as unobtrusive as possible”, said Adham Kassab, International Business Leader at mySugr. “Controlling an insulin pump and viewing its status via smartphone allows people with diabetes to use a device which is usually close at hand. Using the mySugr Pump Control provides people with diabetes more discretion and simplicity with their everyday insulin pump therapy.”

The mySugr app brings together insulin pump data with other diabetes-relevant data (e.g. blood glucose data from connected meters) in one place, which helps people with diabetes to make better informed therapy decisions. Users of the mySugr Pump Control are also able to get support from the mySugr Bolus Calculator, which calculates the needed amount of insulin for meal and correction boluses. It considers current blood glucose level, estimated carbohydrate amount and previous insulin injections (active insulin) based on data from the mySugr Pump Control.

“A challenge when it comes to diabetes care is ensuring that the care team has access to diabetes-relevant data of their patient. This is exactly where our strategy of integrated Personalised Diabetes Management, in short iPDM, sets in,” stated Marcel Gmuender, Global Head of Roche Diabetes Care. “People with diabetes can either seamlessly share reports about their insulin pump therapy from the mySugr app with their doctors, or, in the near-future, pump data can also be directly transferred from the mySugr app into the RocheDiabetes Care Platform, the healthcare professional-facing key component of Roche’s open ecosystem. We at Roche and mySugr aim to enable people with diabetes to discuss their therapy with their doctor more easily. At the same time, healthcare professionals are supported to adjust therapy based on their patients’ needs.”

The first pump to be controlled with the mySugr app is the Accu-Chek Insight insulin pump, which features pre-filled cartridges of insulin and a very low basal rate to suit individual needs. The mySugr Pump Control is now available in Austria and can be used on first selected Android smartphones as part of the mySugr app, which can be downloaded from the app stores. The launch in further European countries, such as the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy and the UK will follow soon.

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- Soo-Jin Pak
- Yvette Petillon
- Sarah-Maria Richter 

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