RCC Announces Marketing Partnership with ViruSure for India

Hyderabad, India, 23rd October 2012: RCC Laboratories (www.rccltd.in), a leading contract research organization providing preclinical and safety toxicology & chemical testing globally and ViruSure GmbH (www.virusure.com) announced today their partnership to market the services of ViruSure in India. Through this partnership RCC will act as a sole agent for promoting ViruSure services in India.

ViruSure offers services in the areas of virus and prion safety testing for biopharmaceutical products, cell banking and cell bank characterization services and in vivo biosafety studies (adventitious agent testing, tumorigenicity testing, oncogenicity testing), which are highly valuable to pharma and biotech companies specializing on biological products (e.g. recombinant proteins, vaccines, human and animal derived biological products, cell based therapies).
”We are happy to partner with such a renowned company as RCC, who shares the same philosophy of quality and customer service that has made ViruSure successful” stated Andy Bailey, CEO and co-founder of ViruSure. “We look forward to offer our experience to assist Indian biopharmaceutical companies in reaching their goals for pathogen safety testing”. The partnership is a natural fit, since both RCC and ViruSure will help Indian companies elevate their quality standards through their combined service offerings.

RCC offers OECD toxicology services to various companies in India and globally, with quality, and transparency as the main focus. The RCC team prides itself in adhering to strict timelines and fast responses to queries. With an experienced team of toxicologists, RCC is a leader in pre-clinical toxicology services in Asia. The team at RCC works under the philosophy that “the products we test are the products you buy” hence a strict and robust quality management system is the secret to its success.

About RCC Laboratories
RCC Laboratories (RCC) is a contract research organization (CRO), specializing in breeding and toxicology, servicing a wide variety of Industries such as Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Agrochemical, Industrial chemical, Medical device, Cosmetic, Food processing, etc. with certification from OECD, Indian and Swizz GLP.  RCC has a global clientele in 50 countries, and has experience in submitting reports to more than 80 countries. RCC offers services in areas such as toxicology, genetic toxicology, environmental toxicology, analytical chemistry, pathology, etc. www.rccltd.in

About ViruSure GmbH
ViruSure is a privately owned biotech company specializing in the virus and prion safety testing of biopharmaceutical products and cell banking / characterization services with a world wide client base. The company brings a wealth and breadth of expertise to ensure that biopharmaceutical companies meet all relevant pathogen safety testing requirements. Our goal is simple- to offer the highest level of quality, customer service and regulatory compliance for pathogen safety testing. Our state of the art facilities located in Vienna, Austria are validated and certified to both GMP and GLP standards and all testing services are supported by a state of the risk based quality management system which ensures we remain cutting edge partner dedicated to providing, first and foremost, a quality service to the biopharmaceutical industry. www.virusure.com

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