Piur Imaging: Major UK ultrasound services provider orders six new Infinity

The largest independent provider of specialist vascular ultrasound services in Europe, Independent Vascular Services Limited (IVS), United Kingdom, has pre-ordered PIUR IMAGING´s soon-to-be-released tomographic ultrasound system PIUR tUS Infinity. IVS has been a clinical user of PIUR´s first generation tomographic ultrasound device for several years, providing safe and cost-effective diagnostic imaging to their patients at the University Hospital South Manchester. With the purchase of six new mobile Infinity systems, IVS wants to enhance their clinical services in Blackpool, Bolton, Bury, North Manchester, Stockport, and Warrington.

The PIUR tUS system extends standard ultrasound devices with high-resolution tomographic ultrasound (tUS) imaging, independent of the ultrasound manufacturer. The reconstructed 3D ultrasound volumes can be analysed similar to Computed Tomography (CT) images and offer similar diagnostic information depending on the clinical indication. In contrast to CT, however, tUS is completely safe and does not pose risks to the patient´s health. Due to this, IVS has implemented tUS into their surveillance program for Abdominal endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR), and significantly reduced the need for CT.

With the new Infinity system, PIUR IMAGING introduces substantial improvements over its first solution. The Infinity system is based on a proprietary tracking technology that uses an inertial measurement unit in combination with machine learning algorithms to estimate the transducer movement. This new technology is completely wireless, mobile, and works with a standard laptop to perform scans and image analysis. It transfers any ultrasound machine into a high-resolution 3D scanner at very low cost.
“We believe the new Infinity system is a major improvement to the Generation 1 device. The reduction in size and use of wireless technology mean the device can easily be attached to an ultrasound instrument and it can be moved between rooms or across sites.”, says Andrew Picton, CEO of IVS. “The fast and easy volume acquisitions will help us increase patient throughput in our ultrasound labs and improve communication with surgeons, since we are able to share complete datasets, not only individual ultrasound slices. We believe PIUR tUS infinity has the potential to significantly change the way we perform certain investigations improving speed and accuracy of diagnosis whilst reducing NHS service cost”.

The release date of PIUR tUS Infinity is expected to be end of this year and it is available for pre-order already.

About the companies:

Independent Vascular Services specializes in the provision of high quality, comprehensive vascular services to the NHS and private sector with its team of highly talented and experienced clinical vascular scientists. IVS is the largest independent provider of specialist vascular ultrasound services in Europe, performing over 80,000 vascular investigations every year. IVS currently provides services to over 10 NHS hospitals covering an estimated population of over 4 million people. It is the first independently accredited vascular service in the UK.

PIUR IMAGING is a provider of tomographic ultrasound solutions. Its mission is to make medical imaging safer and more affordable through the innovative tomographic ultrasound solution PIUR tUS. PIUR tUS enhances regular ultrasound devices with a tomography function, so physicians can produce 3D diagnostic information without the side effects sometimes caused by current imaging technologies. Optimized usability and a high degree of automation improve diagnostic workflows and communication between physicians, while eliminating the patient’s exposure to radiation and harmful contrast agents.

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