Phenaris: ToxPHACTS Now Available

We are excited to announce that our basic version of ToxPHACTS is now available as a web service, free of charge for non-commercial use! This expert system for toxicological read across features user friendly tools to help scientists foresee possible toxicity of new development candidates, saving them not only time but also money, and moreover helps to reduce the number of animal experiments .

While this is a great opportunity to get familiar with the basic tools, we are working hard to publish our beta version of ToxPHACTS for commercial use with improved similarity searching and enhanced analytics. Our goal is to release this beta version in October 2019. If you would like to receive updates on our progress, please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn. For more information on the enhanced features and pricing options of our commercial software please contact us directly at office(at) Please also explore our website.

The development of this software has taken several years and we want to make sure it serves our customers so we are grateful for any comments and suggestions. We would also like to thank the University of Vienna for supporting this project and hosting our free-for-academics version.

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