Phenaris: 3rd place at i2b Business Plan Competition

We are happy to announce that our lead product ToxPHACTS has recently won us the 3rd place at the i2b Business Plan Competition 2019 in the category “Technology”. ToxPHACTS has also been short-listed amongst the top 3 projects at the aws Best of Biotech competition 2019 in the category “Digital Health”.

Anika Dangl, CEO at Phenaris: “We are very excited about this award. We have yet another big success accomplished with our expert system for toxicological read across. A beta version is currently in the testing phase. If you are interested in getting exclusive access and in giving us feedback, please get in touch. Thank you in advance for your help in moving forward.”

Gerhard Ecker, Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Vienna and master mind of Phenaris: “Molecular modeling is associated with clear economic and societal benefits. It’s great to see that our research on drug transporters and our data mining expertise starts moving beyond peer-reviewed papers in international journals and top academic conferences. In fact, it has been toxicologists from big pharma companies motivating us to come forward with commercial solutions.”

ToxPHACTS: Expert system to foresee possible toxicity of new drug candidates

Toxicity reflects the second most reason for failures in the drug discovery and development process. With ToxPHACTS we integrate our expertise in computational toxicology and semantic data integration to offer an expert system which helps to foresee possible toxicity of new development candidates. By combining highly innovative similarity searching with the power of semantically integrated life science data, ToxPHACTS brings toxicological read across to the desktop of every toxicologist. A basic version of the tool is available as a web-service free of charge for non-commercial use: Commercial users are invited to contact us at support(at)

The beta version of ToxPHACTS is ready to be tested and includes advanced features such as the option to perform a similarity search using multiple algorithms or the option to export heat-maps as CSV files. Additional features are currently being developed.

About the i2b Business Plan Competition

The competition is jointly organized by Erste Bank and Sparkasse together with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ). This year, more than 1.200 business plans were submitted. The exclusive award ceremony with prices worth EUR 150,000 took place on December 5, 2019 in the Skylounge of the WKÖ. We congratulate all winners!

About Phenaris

We are a spin-off from the Pharmacoinformatics Research Group at the University of Vienna, where we are engaged in all aspects of molecular modeling with a focus on drug transporter, data mining, and in silico toxicology. At Phenaris we transform our 20+ years experience in chem-informatics and data science into tangible products to assist toxicologists and medicinal chemists in their daily work.

We constantly challenge the status quo in computational drug design and in silico toxicology. Using cutting edge technologies we provide data, models, and decision support in all aspects of in silico toxicology. We are working on multiple solutions to provide data integration, model development, and decision support. Currently, we are developing computational models for prediction of ligand-transporter interaction and ToxPHACTS, an expert system for toxicological read across.

Our main motivation is the excitement about translating our scientific research ideas to real products, which assist the development of new safe medicines and lead to a considerable reduction of animal experiments.


Anika Dangl, CEO
Phenaris Softwareentwicklungs- und Consulting GmbH
Tel: +43 664 5266 067
E-Mail: anika.dangl(at)

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