Outstanding result for Affiris Alzheimer's Vaccine in the Latest Thomson The Ones to Watch Ranking

The Alzheimer's vaccine AD01 from AFFIRIS GmbH has been listed in first place in an analysis conducted by the international ranking agency Thomson Scientific into the prospects for success of current clinical trials. The ranking assesses the prospects of clinical trials around the world, regardless of the disease in question. The Austrian company's Alzheimer's vaccine was described as one of the "most promising drugs entering Phase I trials". The world-leading information provider for science and research published its findings in its latest quarterly report on the worldwide development of medicines. Special mention was given to AFFIRIS GmbH's innovative platform technology AFFITOME, which also provides the company with a basis for developing other products.

FFIRIS GmbH, based in Vienna, Austria, today announced that Thomson Scientific has identified the company's Alzheimer's vaccine AD01 as one of the most interesting developments worldwide in clinical phase I. Thomson Scientific, based in New York, is the most highly respected provider of information on science and research. It publishes the Science Citation Index, a reference for weighting scientific journals, and therefore has significant influence on the career opportunities of publishing scientists.

In the quarterly report which has just been released for July - September 2007, "The Ones to Watch - Thomson Scientific's review of phase changes in the pharmaceutical pipeline",
special praise is reserved for AFFIRIS' innovative peptide-based Alzheimer's vaccine AD01.
The advantage of this technology is that it overcomes the problem of a potential autoimmune reaction to the vaccine. Dr. Walter Schmidt, CEO of AFFIRIS GmbH, comments:
"Autoimmune reactions are a major challenge in the development of Alzheimer's vaccines.
The root of the problem is that the disease is caused by detached parts of one of the body's own proteins known as beta-amyloids. The issue of autoimmune reactions has led to other companies failing in their attempts to develop successful vaccines against Alzheimer's because their vaccines have not only attacked the beta-amyloid but also the body's own protein APP, which essential for healthy brain cell function."

The patented AFFITOME technology from AFFIRIS GmbH has enabled the company to manufacture a vaccine to target the relevant structures of human rogue proteins. Individual vaccine candidates are known as AFFITOPE, while the entire number of all possible candidates is referred to as the AFFITOME. The Alzheimer's vaccine AD01, for example, can be used to target a specific structure of the beta-amyloid. The healthy, intact protein APP is not attacked because it does not exhibit this structure.

Initial results from the ongoing AD01 trial are due to be published in the second half of 2008.
By then, AFFIRIS will already have begun trialling a second Alzheimer's vaccine, AD02,
which also uses the beneficial AFFITOME technology. The company's largest investor, MIGFonds,
is also impressed with the structure of the company's development pipeline. Michael Motschmann, Senior Fund Manager at MIG-Fonds explains: "AFFIRIS is cleverly utilizing AFFITOME technology to develop treatments for diseases that urgently require a medical solution and also offer attractive market potential. Needless to say, with 22 million sufferers predicted for 2025 and no effective treatment, Alzheimer's is one such disease. AFFIRIS has other projects in the pipeline targeted at developing medicines for the treatment of atherosclerosis. As investors, we welcome both the huge market potential of this strategy and also the diversification of risk."

About AFFiRiS GmbH (as at December 2007):

AFFiRiS GmbH develops peptide-based vaccines for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, atherosclerosis and other serious diseases. The company has established its AFFITOME platform technologies. It employs 30 highly qualified members of staff on 600 sqm of rented laboratory facilities at the Campus Vienna Biocenter (www.affiris.com). AFFITOPE and AFFITOME are registered trademarks of AFFIRIS GmbH.

About MIG-Fonds:

The participation of MIG Verwaltungs AG in AFFIRIS GmbH represents the continuation of a tried-and-tested approach. Investment is only made in selected companies in Germany and Austria after their viability has been thoroughly audited. Their innovative, high-potential products and the entrepreneurial skills of their management teams are both key. MIG Verwaltungs AG is supported by Alfred Wieder AG. This specialist in venture capital is experienced in the sale of holdings and is therefore the first point of contact for any potential investors.

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Dr. Walter Schmidt Campus Vienna Biocenter 2 A-1030 Vienna, Austria T +43 / 1 / 798 1575 10 E walter.schmidt(at)affiris.com

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