ottobock: Innovation Award: 1st place for new Kenevo

Vienna Chamber of Commerce honors Ottobock as most innovative company with Mercur Innovation Award

The Vienna Chamber of Commerce awarded Ottobock first place in the Mercur Innovation Award as the most innovative company on 02.06.2022. Research & Development received the prize in the health category for the new Kenevo. Head of Development Harald Sima and Project Manager Rainer Locher from Vienna accepted the award on stage. With the first place, Ottobock is simultaneously nominated for the "State Prize for Innovation", which will be awarded this fall. The prize also comes with 5,000 euros as well as a great deal of media attention.

Innovation to empower people

"We are really happy about this award," says Harald Sima. "It is a signal to the team that we are making an important contribution not only to our users but also to Vienna as a business location." The Viennese development manager is personally driven to use technology in a meaningful way to help people: "Our users often find themselves in traumatic situations. Through our work, we can help them find new courage and live an independent life again."

Ottobock's Austrian development team launched the innovative new version of the Kenevo in 2021. The leg prosthesis uses new technology to provide safety and self-confidence - especially for older and less active people after an amputation; for example, due to cancer, accidents, or diabetes. It helps to lead an active life and prevent physical degradation. The evaluation of the 95 submissions for the Mercur Innovation Award was carried out by the Industrial Science Institute Austria. With the first place, Ottobock is at the same time nominated for the "State Prize for Innovation," which will be awarded in fall 2022. Ottobock's CTO, Arne Jörn, says: "The new Kenevo makes it possible to walk safely after amputation and thus actively participate in everyday life. The fact that our research & development has been awarded for this innovation encourages us in what we do - empowering people with technology!"

A significant contribution to Vienna as an innovation hub

The Mercur Innovation Award has been presented every year since 1987 to celebrate the most innovative companies in Vienna. There have already been a total of 184 award winners. "With the Mercur, we bring those companies before the curtain that are shining beacons through their innovative strength," says Alexander Biach, Vice Director of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. "They make a significant contribution to Vienna's standing in international competition and being perceived as an innovation hub. And especially now in difficult times, investments in research and development are enormously important. Innovative companies are the irreplaceable drivers of an economy." For the Austrian State Innovation Award in the fall, Head of Development Harald Sima from Ottobock would also like to see a high ranking: "Of course, that would be wonderful for the entire staff, who put their heart and soul into driving innovation at Ottobock."

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