Nabriva Therapeutics: ZIT Grant received for Extended Spectrum Pleuromutilin (ESP) Program

Nabriva Therapeutics AG, a biotechnology company focused on developing pleuromutilins, a new class of antibiotics for serious infections caused by resistant pathogens, announced the receipt of an R&D grant from the ZIT (Technology Agency of the City of Vienna).

In the course of the ZIT call "From Science to Products 2013" Nabriva received funds for its in-house Extended Spectrum Pleuromutilins program (ESP). ESP extend the conventional spectrum of known pleuromutilins by important Gram-negative bacteria, addressing a significant unmet medical need. The ZIT grant supports the optimization of novel ESP candidates so that they can be administered by both intravenous and oral route allowing significant reduction in overall treatment costs.

"This grant is a substantial contribution to the further development of our pipeline. It shows that our ESP program has been recognized for its strong potential to develop a new class of antibacterials  that addresses the need for new treatment options in an area facing growing resistance against all established antibiotics.", stated Ralf Schmid, Nabriva´s CEO.

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