mySugr secures competitive advantage by signing one of the largest public health insurance companies in Germany

mySugr announced today its partnership with AOK, one of the biggest public health insurers in Germany with 26 million covered lives and a market share of 36 percent. Rolling out regionally with AOK Bavaria sets the starting point for providing even more people with access to the best digital diabetes care.

As mySugr rapidly grows in both the US and Germany, AOK Bavaria is the fifth German health insurance company that trusts mySugr to manage their diabetes population. mySugr offers prescription-free and reimbursable all-around diabetes care to its members, combining the mySugr app, high quality connected blood glucose meters, usage-based unlimited test strips, and remote coaching through Certified Diabetes Educators. Globally, mySugr provides a convenient and effective way to manage large diabetes populations for health insurers and healthcare systems while constantly optimizing care using digital health technology.

The cooperation with AOK Bavaria goes hand in hand with the integration of the Ascensia CONTOUR® NEXT ONE blood glucose meter into the mySugr app in Germany, further supporting mySugr’s open platform strategy. AOK Bavaria members can choose between the Bluetoothcompatible CONTOUR®NEXT ONE system from Ascensia Diabetes Care or the Accu-Chek® Guide blood glucose meter from Roche Diabetes Care when registering for the service.

“This collaboration allows us to simplify and improve the lives of even more people with diabetes and it underlines our strategy as a neutral platform to provide convenient access to the most popular devices”, says Frank Westermann, CEO and Co-Founder of mySugr.

About mySugr

Founded in 2012, mySugr specializes in all-around care for people with diabetes. Its apps and services beautifully combine diabetes coaching, therapy management, unlimited test-strips, automated data tracking, and seamless integration with a growing number of medical devices to ease the daily burden of living with diabetes. The mySugr App has more than 1.4 million users and a 4.6 star rating in the App and Playstore. mySugr Logbook is a registered risk class 1 medical device in the US and EU, mySugr’s Bolus Calculator module (currently available for use in Europe) has risk class IIb approval. The mySugr App is available in 61 countries and 17 languages. mySugr joined the Roche family in 2017. The company has its North American headquarters in San Diego, California. For more information, please visit

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