mySugr: $4.8 Million for Diabetes-Startup

Diabetes startup mySugr completes capital increase with support from new investment partners Roche Ventures (Basel) and iSeed Ventures (San Francisco & Beijing). Existing partner XLHealth also participated in the investment round. The investment will be used for the company’s continued international growth.

Diabetes is one of the world’s largest health problems. More than 387 million people live with diabetes(1) and the numbers continue to rise rapidly. mySugr, a Vienna startup, makes everyday life easier for people with diabetes through digital health solutions such as mySugr Logbook, the world‘s most popular(2) diabetes app and the mySugr Academy diabetes education platform. mySugr gains two new partners in Roche Ventures and iSeed Ventures who will support and accelerate international growth efforts.

Frank Westermann, CEO of mySugr: “We are very excited that these two fantastic investors have joined us in our mission: To make diabetes suck less. Roche Ventures brings with it many decades of diabetes industry know-how and iSeed Ventures has expertise in the digital health market with access to the United States and China, two of the most important global diabetes markets.” For Roche Ventures, mySugr is the first serious step into the digital health segment. Simon Meier, Investment Director for Roche Ventures: “The passion and unique composition of mySugr impressed us right away. Nearly half of the company lives with diabetes which drives an environment of unmatched understanding, precise problem solving, and beautiful solutions through the entire organization. We’ve seen nothing like mySugr before and are thrilled to back them.” iSeed Ventures is an US investment fund focused on partnering with early stage digital health companies.

Adam Lin, iSeed Ventures: “mySugr is the first investment outside of our core markets of USA and China where diabetes is a challenge for society as a whole. We are convinced that mySugr has great worldwide potential.” For Johann Hansmann, angel investor and early supporter of mySugr, the investment is a strong signal for startups in Vienna.

Johann Hansmann, Business Angel of the Year & mySugr Investor: “4.8 million (USD) is the largest digital health investment in the German speaking area and is further testament to the strength of Vienna as a startup location.”

XLHealth, the Digital Health investor from Berlin, welcomes the latest investment. mySugr and XLHealth share the vision that Digital Health leads to more self-responsibility and supports positive, health related decisions. Early in 2014, mySugr had secured a first investment from XLHealth.

2 Based on App Store Ratings (Apple App Store & Google Play Store)

About mySugr
Founded in 2012 by people with diabetes, mySugr creates digital health solutions for people with diabetes. Their products are characterized by the intelligent combination of design, technology, and medical expertise focused on diabetes. Particularly well-known is mySugr Logbook with more than 200,000 registered users across US and Europe.

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