MorphoMed: New start-up focusing on next-generation tissue engineering in Vienna

MorphoMed aims to become a leading development company for tissue engineering of ligaments and tendons based on its proprietary medical silk (MediSilk) technology, thus leading to tissue regeneration and recovery of the body’s own functional tissue.

MorphoMed is a medtech start-up company founded in Vienna in May 2017 and focuses on the development of new regenerative implants based on its proprietary medical silk (MediSilk) technology. Silk can be completely cleaned from its antigenic sericin layer even in complex textile structures such as a braided ACL (anterior cruciate ligament).

Our first lead product RegACL, a regenerative medical silk ACL transplant might help hundreds of thousands of patients after an ACL rupture to get back to normal life and including sports activities only weeks after surgery and to fully regenerate their ligaments over the years.

“To morph” means “to transform in appearance, form or character”. In our case, MorphoMed’s novel MediSilk-based tissue engineering scaffolds are transformed into new body tissue. The lead product RegACL provides immediate stability for the patient and fully mimics the mechanical properties of the natural ACL. Furthermore, it undergoes slow biological degradation and simultaneously a new ligament is formed including aligned collagen fiber bundles, vascularization and anchoring bone tissue. 

.In the future, the principle of tissue regeneration will become one of the most important sectors of modern medical device technology, since all implants, be they steel, polymers or other materials, have their limitations and will never fully mimic human tissue, especially not in the long term.

“It is a great opportunity to develop this exciting regenerative technology together with our partners, the Ludwig Bolzmann Society for experimental and clinical Traumatology under Prof. Heinz Redl and the FH Technikum Wien”, says Bernhard Küenburg, CEO of MophoMed. “Especially the excellent proof of concept data in large animals (sheep) motivates us very much to develop this product and initialize a human clinical trial as fast as possible to get the CE and FDA certification.”

MorphoMed GmbH 
Dr. Bernhard Küenburg, CEO
Löwengasse 45
1030 Vienna, Austria 

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