Memocorby wins financing from aws Impulse XL

We are happy to announce that Memocorby won financing from aws Impulse XL (austria wirtschafts service) for our innovative speech therapy tool.

The panel jury, consisting of business experts, was particularly impressed with Memocorby’s high-tech cubes for digital speech therapy that solve a pressing problem of our aging society, the scalability and internationality of the product as well as the management team. Memocorby developed a therapy tool to help stroke patients and people who suffer from dementia to relearn and retain language.

Neuro-science tell us that the most sustainable way to learn is through simultaneous multi-sensory stimuli, that is haptic, visual, auditiv and emotional stimuli. Memocorby consists of 5 – 10 digital cubes with display, an app and a tablet. The therapy can easily be individualised by the speech pathologist by choosing specific words in the app (or phonemes and letters) for each patient. The patient sees the specific word on the display and has to lift the appropriate cube (haptic stimulus). So, he/she sees the word, grabs it, hears it pronounced (while lifting) and has to repeat it. Since early childhood people have the urge to touch what they see. This is a very important haptic reflex that we take advantage of at Memocorby for learning language – to grab a word. With Memocorby you can literally grab a word.

RAST (Remote Assisted Speech Therapy): About 80 % of stroke patients don’t finish speech therapy. Especially when they live in the countryside it can be very hard to find a therapist nearby. Patients need help driving there and don’t want to burden their families. With Memocorby speech pathologists are able to remotely work with patients via the app. So, with Memocorby patients practice with their speech pathologist and – additionally – by themselves at home.

Fortunately, most people now survive a stroke, but many suffer from aphasia afterwards. Without language it is very hard to express your most basic needs. I am in pain! I am thirsty! Memocorby helps to relearn language sustainably.

Dementia: For patients with dementia it is important to retain language as long as possible. With Memocorby you can train the long-term memory – worldwide and in different languages.

Children: Kids react very well to the digital gamification of speech therapy – the fun factor, while from a therapeutic standpoint, the multi-sensory learning, especially the haptic stimulus, is equally important.

For more information about our innovative therapy tools, please, click here.


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