MedUni Vienna: More than 3,000 running fans supported cancer research

With much enthusiasm for running and donations, the cancer research at MedUni Vienna was once again supported this Saturday: Approximately 3,000 running enthusiasts and more than 100 company teams moved around the campus circuit Altes AKH for the 13th Cancer Research Run of MedUni Vienna for a good purpose. Each mastered round equates to one mile (1.6 km) and the starting fee donation of €20.00 is used directly to finance important and innovative cancer research projects at the Medical University Vienna. Since 2007, approximately 50 projects were started and facilitated.

Approximately 40,000 people face the diagnosis of cancer each year. Thus, the number of new cancer cases has doubled during the past 25 years. Most cancers occur in women involving breast (29%) and lungs and intestines (10% each). In men, it involves prostate (23%), followed by lungs (14%) and intestines (12%). However, during the past years, researchers succeeded in developing improved diagnosis and treatment options due to the research at MedUni Vienna. The relative 5-year survival has increased significantly during the past decades and is now at more than 60%.

Even though the number of new patients is rising, the cancer mortality rate is declining - this is the consequence of the intense research. The results of the basic research improve diagnosis and therapy procedures and allow new treatment concepts. All this is made possible by donation drives such as the cancer run of MedUni Vienna.



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