MedUni Vienna: Flowering season in Vienna starts now: Hazel and alder cause increasing pollination

The new Pollenservice Vienna at MedUni Vienna provides information on the current pollen situation

The hazel pollen season has begun. Some of the local alders are also already in bloom. This means that pollen allergy sufferers must prepare themselves for the first increase in pollen concentrations, as reported by the Pollenservice Vienna. The newly established service facility of the Medical University of Vienna provides regular updates on the current pollen situation in the Austrian capital on its website

The pollen season has begun. "We were already able to measure the occasional occurrence of hazel pollen last week," explains aerobiologist Katharina Bastl from the Pollenservice Vienna, "the mild weather at the beginning of the year ensured that some hazel catkins were ready to flower and were just waiting for sufficiently good conditions." For this year, however, the experts at MedUni Vienna expect the flower of hazel to be below average in intensity.

Pollen forecast specifically for the city of Vienna

As a metropolis, Vienna is particularly affected by climate change. In addition, large cities are heat islands where flowering can sometimes start earlier. As planting in urban areas is significantly influenced by humans, the selection of plants is of great importance, and neophytes (alien plants) are also an issue in Vienna, which also plays a major role in pollination. Vienna is now receiving a special regional service tailored to the city's conditions provided by the Pollenservice Vienna.

Alder will flower more intense this year

The native alder species, the grey alder (Alnus incana) and the black alder (Alnus glutinosa), will soon follow. The grey alder has already reached the readiness to flower and the pollination is expected to rise. The black alder has not yet reached the readiness to flower. "We expect the alder pollen season in Vienna to be at least average to probably above average, compared to the last year it was below average," says Katharina Bastl.

Birch pollen season starts in the end of March

The birch flowering season is not imminent, but together with the grass pollen season, it is the most important pollen season for pollen allergy sufferers. From a current point of view, the birch will start to flower in Vienna at the end of March. However, weather conditions before the start of the flower can still change this, and the Pollenservice Vienna will keep you up to date on developments on its website "".

The birch pollen season is expected to be average to above average. The number of catkins is abundant and there is potential for a more intense flower.

Pollenservice Vienna

The Pollenservice Vienna of MedUni Vienna offers customized pollen forecasts for the city of Vienna. It provides information on the observed flowering of allergenic plants and the measurable pollen concentrations. Scientific work is the cornerstone of all pollen forecasts. For this reason, the Pollenservice uses data from its own pollen trap located at MedUni Vienna. Being anchored at MedUni Vienna guarantees a free and unbiased service and independent expertise on a scientific basis.
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