MedUni Vienna: Exhibition: Medical Comics visualise "pain" in medicine

The MedUni Vienna exhibition series "Art - Action - Attitude" is currently focusing on "pain". Medical comics are used to depict challenging situations in everyday medical life. The exhibition can be viewed free of charge until 30 June 2023 at the MedUni Vienna Lecture Hall Centre at the University Hospital Vienna. Opening hours and access information is available at A symposium on 1 June 2023 will bring together artists in this field at MedUni Vienna.

After "body" and "limits", "pain" is the third topic to be tackled as part of the three-year project "Art - Action - Attitude", which concludes the series. The exhibition series is linked directly to MedUni Vienna's general aim of promoting "Medical Humanities" as a field of encounter between medicine, the humanities, cultural studies and social sciences and making it visible throughout the university.

Once again, renowned national and international artists have been recruited for the exhibition on the topic of pain. Hardly anyone can escape this theme; even difficult references, such as loss, are given ample space.

In the current exhibition, they are visualised with the help of medical comics. At interactive stations, visitors also have the opportunity to actively contribute and reflect.

Art form for interaction and education

Medical comics have established themselves as an art form throughout the past 20 years. They have become very important in the interaction between doctors and patients, but also in the training of medical staff. The humorous depiction is not the main focus. "The strength of graphic medicine lies in its ability to create space for reflection and interpretation. Comics can cast a critical eye on healthcare issues and convey visual understanding," emphasises exhibition co-initiator Eva Katharina Masel (University Department of Internal Medicine I at MedUni Vienna and University Hospital Vienna) together with her colleagues Ruth Kutalek (Centre for Public Health at MedUni Vienna), Ruth Koblizek and Andrea Praschinger (both Teaching Center at MedUni Vienna).

Medical comics can represent the different perspectives of patients, their relatives and medical staff: "The World Health Organisation has also taken up the topic of art, health and well-being, promoting creative approaches. Medical comics are used to illustrate challenges in everyday medical life in a practical manner. This allows for a change of perspective. It is easier to empathise with the other person, as emotions can be better conveyed through the visual language," clarifies Eva Katharina Masel. Ultimately, medical comics are also well suited for presenting intercultural and diverse perspectives.

Medical Comics "Pain" Exhibition:

The exhibition is of charge and is open until 30 June 2023; it will be displayed in the lecture hall centre of MedUni Vienna at the University Hospital Vienna (level 8, Währinger Gürtel 18-20, 1090 Vienna) and includes works by international and national artists. Opening hours and access information is available at .

Symposium: Power of Graphic Medicine

Symposium on 1 June 2023 (9:30 to 16:00) at MedUni Vienna

National and international world leaders in graphic medicine will be represented at the symposium. The artists will grant an insight into their work and explain how they use comics to access medicine, which is so valuable to them.

Lecture Hall Centre of MedUni Vienna at the University Hospital Vienna (Level 8, Währinger Gürtel 18-20, 1090 Vienna)

Registration by 25 May 2023 at

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