MedUni Vienna: Cooperation with University of Singapore

Wolfgang Schütz, Rector of the Medical University of Vienna, and Bertil Andersson, President of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, have signed a cooperation agreement in the fields of research and teaching. Austrian experts are helping in Singapore with the set-up of a centre for medical imaging. As shared PhD programme is also in preparation.

The Rector of the MedUni Vienna, Wolfgang Schütz, and the President of the NTU, Bertil Andersson, have signed two cooperation agreements between their universities. The MedUni Vienna will in future offer a PhD programme in the field of medical technology in collaboration with the NTU. From the summer of 2014, the MedUni Vienna will also be establishing a joint research centre on the subject of medical imaging, signal analysis and e-health at the NTU. It will be supervised by Wolfgang Drexler from the Centre for Medical Physics and Biomedical Technology at the MedUni Vienna and Christian Herold from the University Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. 
Another Austrian cooperation partner in the activities between Vienna and Singapore is the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. In addition to molecular imaging, the research will focus on topics such as e-health and ambient assisted living (AAL). The aim is to put technologies for the healthcare sector into practice through joint input from the MedUni Vienna and the NTU.
Medical imaging is one of the MedUni Vienna’s five research clusters. International networking is one of the key requirements for the transfer of knowledge at the cutting edge of research. Says Rector Schütz: “Over the last few decades, Singapore has evolved into one of the world’s most dynamic regions for academic research. We are therefore extremely delighted to have found an excellent strategic partner in the field of medical imaging - the NTU."
“Young" universities on the rise
Two up-and-coming universities have joined forces in this cooperation agreement. Singapore’s Nanyang Technical University (NTU) was founded in 1981 and is already one of Asia’s foremost universities. In the QS World University Ranking, it is listed as the world’s second-best “young university”, while the QS ranking of all universities puts the NTU in 41st place worldwide. IN 2013, the first students were admitted to the NTU Medical School (Lee Kong Chain School of Medicine), founded jointly with Imperial College London. In the Times Higher Education Ranking, “The 100 under 50” of the best universities younger than 50 years old, NTU comes fifth. 
The Medical University of Vienna, which was founded in 1365 as a faculty of the University of Vienna and has operated an independent university institution since 2004, is once again the highest-ranking Austrian university in this league table. The MedUni Vienna has also improved its position from 49th last year to 36th.
Five research clusters at the MedUni Vienna 
A total of five research clusters have been set up at the MedUni Vienna in which the MedUni Vienna is increasing its focus in the fields of fundamental and clinical research. The research clusters include medical imaging, cancer research / oncology, cardiovascular medicine, medical neurosciences and immunology.

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