Medicus AI has been selected as a founding partner of Espace numérique de santé (ENS) France’s digital health platform

The national initiative will make digital healthcare records and partner apps available to all French residents by January 2022

Focused on data portability, a patient-first approach, and a holistic vision for health, this platform will contribute to the creation of France’s digital health ecosystem by publishing a catalog of health apps developed by public and private healthcare players and recommended for patients by the public authorities. Users will also be able to access their medical records as part of the Dossier Médical Partagé (DMP) which provides secure and accessible storage for their health data.

Medicus AI was selected from an application pool of over 150 applications, as one of only 30 partners, alongside Doctolib, Abbott, Elsan, APHP, and others.

The ENS platform will also feature a secure messaging system allowing the exchange of information and documents between patients and the professionals involved in their care, as well as a “health calendar” to consolidate medical appointments, hospitalizations, reminders, and other important dates. The platform will also publish a catalog of services that integrate with medical records to securely share data inputs between services.

“It is a privilege to have been recognized and selected for this ambitious initiative, and especially in France, where we have been active for over four years, and continue to be committed to supporting our healthcare partners,” says Dr. Baher Al Hakim, CEO, Medicus AI.

“The vision of the ENS platform supports our mission to create more efficiencies and better experiences for all who are involved in the healthcare journey, supporting our vision to help people understand their health,” adds Dr. Al Hakim.

This first version of the ENS platform is expected to be piloted in a few regions this year and made available to the entire French population by January 2022.

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