Medicus AI announces support for SARS-CoV-2 testing, partnering with Roche Diagnostics Germany and 21Dx for first live project in Munich

Medicus SafePlay eases workflow for rapid antigen testing at point of care

Medicus AI announces the successful launch of its first live project under SafePlay, the digital platform supporting rapid antigen testing, which went live in partnership with Roche Diagnostics Germany and 21Dx in Munich this month. Medicus provides operators with a tech-enabled end-to-end solution that supports the logistical aspects of testing, managing the administrative workflow from registration to results delivery.

This is the first deployment of the Safeplay solution, which is powered by the Medicus AI platform. The Vienna-based health tech company continues to support diagnostic labs and healthcare providers in their daily challenges including emerging ones such as Covid-19.

“In recent weeks, many countries have adopted rapid antigen testing as part of their national testing strategy to support critical infrastructure like elderly homes, hospitals or even set up testing stations for the general public,” says Rafael Vartian, Head of Business Development DACH, Medicus AI. 

“The implementation and documentation of testing on a scale of this kind entails significant efforts and binds scarce time, human and financial resources. This is why we worked with Roche Diagnostics Germany to develop the SafePlay solution; to provide relief across all steps in the testing workflow,” adds Mr. Vartian.

“I’m very pleased that we, in cooperation with Medicus AI, are making a significant contribution to relieving the medical staff and simplifying the workflow associated with antigen testing,” says Christian Paetzke, General Manager, Roche Diagnostics Germany.

The workflow for rapid antigen testing covers many steps across all stakeholders starting from the patient registration to the actual testing all the way to the legally mandated reporting guidelines to the authorities, all of which take time and are prone to human errors, especially since medical personnel is scarce and often overworked. With SafePlay, manual work is reduced significantly which means there is less need for coordination between individuals and documentation can happen almost automatically.

“After successfully implementing the solution at our testing center in Munich, we have quickly decided to roll out the solution to all our antigen testing teams (mobile and fix centers) in Germany,” says Dr. Beatus Buchzik, Head of Solutions & Strategy, 21Dx. The company is one of Germany’s largest testing providers covering elderly homes, refugee centers, schools, corporates, and commuters at borders in addition to several testing stations across Germany. 

“The feedback that companies like 21Dx provided during the development of the solution was invaluable in making Medicus SafePlay a solution that adds immediate value to anyone who wants to deploy rapid antigen testing,” adds Mr. Vartian. “The challenge now is to continuously adapt the solution to all client needs, no matter their use case.”

About Medicus AI

Medicus AI is an innovative technology company headquartered in Vienna with offices in Berlin, Paris, Beirut and Dubai. The Medicus team consists of medical professionals, biologists, pharmacologists, software developers and AI experts.

Through its digital health applications, Medicus focuses on making meaning of data by helping patients and users understand their health status and expanding the role of physicians, midwives and other healthcare providers through innovative data visualization, patient communication and remote monitoring tools. For more information visit Medicus SafePlay.

About Roche Diagnostics Deutschland GmbH

Roche employs around 16,700 people in Germany in the areas of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. The company is represented at four sites in Grenzach-Wyhlen (Roche Pharma AG), Mannheim (Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Roche Diagnostics Deutschland GmbH, Roche Diabetes Care GmbH and Roche Diabetes Care Deutschland GmbH) and Penzberg (Biotechnology Competence Center, Roche Diagnostics GmbH), as well as in the Stuttgart metropolitan region (Roche Diagnostics Automation Solutions GmbH). The focus areas cover the entire value chain of the two business areas Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics: from research and development to production, logistics, marketing and sales, with each site performing global tasks in addition to its German territory business. Roche is clearly committed to its German sites and has invested more than 2.7 billion euros over the past five years. For more information about Roche in Germany, please visit

About 21Dx GmbH

21Dx is one of the largest operators of corona testing stations in Germany with a capacity of up to 100,000 tests (PCR and rapid antigen tests) per week. With an experienced team of healthcare professionals, 21Dx aims to fight the COVID-19 pandemic through basic testing. For more information on 21Dx, please visit

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