Lithoz Growth Champion 2018

Lithoz was awarded the title of Austrian Champion of Economical Growth 2018, by the renowned news magazine “Profil”.

The Austrian newsmagazine Profil conducted in cooperation with the online platform a survey to investigate economical growth of domestic start-ups from 2013 to 2016. Held as a competition, the participating companies were required to have maintained autonomy, organic growth and a total turnover of at least one million euros.

We are proud to announce that among other world players Lithoz achieved the 12th place in the overall ranking with a growth rate of 68%.

Lithoz CEO Johannes Homa states : "This award is not only a proud moment for Lithoz, but it also shows the potential of LCM-technology. We started in 2011 with no more than a handful of employees. Within 7 years we made it from a university spin-off to the global market leader in additive manufacturing for ceramic materials. From today´s perspective, we expect our number of employees to exceed 50 people by the end of 2018”.

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