LISAvienna: Vienna Business Agency funds 13 Viennese companies via its Life Sciences Calls 2021

For more than 20 years, the Vienna Business Agency has been strengthening Vienna’s biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical sector. Today it is one of Austria’s most important facilitators for innovation. Last year, another € 4.5 million were invested through a highly competitive thematic funding program.

In December 2021 the Vienna Business Agency granted more than € 4.5 million to support new business R&D projects in the life sciences, after a hard and fair review process. The agency’s Executive Committee agreed to double the originally planned budget in response to the jury’s clear recommendations and the high quality of the project proposals.

13 companies funded with more than € 4.5 million

R&D projects focusing on in-vitro diagnostics, digital health, implantable medical devices, and the development of new therapies are funded. Companies receiving support include:

  • Ablevia biotech GmbH
  • Ascense Medical GmbH
  • G.ST Antivirals GmbH
  • AG
  • HOOKIPA Biotech GmbH
  • Hypericum LifeScience GmbH
  • invIOs GmbH / APEIRON Biologics AG
  • Otto Bock Healthcare Products GmbH
  • Ribbon Biolabs GmbH
  • TissueGnostics GmbH

We wish the grantees all the best for the R&D process.

Information on the R&D endeavors – a selection

Austrian Audio advances knowhow in acoustics and algorithms focusing on ANC, OTC and hearing aid technologies. Headphones for people suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss shall facilitate everyday life, provide a premium listening experience and slow down or prevent the progression of impairment.

G.ST Antivirals is a biopharmaceutical company founded in 2019 with the mission of developing therapies against viruses affecting the respiratory tract. The funded project supports the company in investigating the applicability of its innovative, host cell based treatment approach in the field of respiratory infections in COPD patients. develops a high-throughput 3D drug screening platform for heart failure and other heart diseases. By using the world-wide first self-organizing cardiac organoids the platform radically changes the current drug discovery paradigm. This holds big potential for higher success rates in clinical trials while reducing cost and time of compound development.

invIOs, a fully owned subsidiary of APEIRON Biologics, develops innovative cancer immunotherapies. Project INV441 focuses on an adoptive autologous cell therapy based on Cbl-b silenced tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes isolated from primary tumors such as glioblastoma, the most aggressive brain cancer. The platform may be expanded to other tumors.

TissueGnostics provides cutting-edge tissue imaging and analysis tools for basic and clinical research. With the newly funded project and in collaboration with research partners in Austria, Australia, Brazil, India and South Africa the company will generate a game-changing computer-assisted platform for precision cancer diagnostics.

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