LISAvienna: Spring edition of biannual Highlights publication in print

Learn more about the reasons why Pfizer’s PALLAS trial is largely managed by ABSCG in Vienna. We also present a game changing technology for bladder cancer diagnosis that has been developed by Sanochemia and update you on solutions for critical conditions made in Vienna, for example.

The new edition of our Highlights publication provides you with some insights on why more than ten biotechnology and medical device companies start-up in Vienna each year. We introduce twenty life science companies founded in Vienna recently and also summarize some investment deals and collaboration agreements signed by local innovators for you. In addition to discussing ABCSG’s role in Pfizer’s global PALLAS trial and Sanochemia’s photodynamic cancer diagnostic, we also present new products and services for improving the outcomes of critical care this time. Of course, we also do not miss out on the new IMP research building opened at the Vienna Biocenter. Boehringer Ingelheim, the main sponsor of the IMP, invested 52 Million Euros to create a research environment in which ideas can grow and first-class, independent science can thrive.

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