LISAvienna Highlights published

Highlights – this is what we chose as the new title for our printed news update. It shall point out that we summarize top stories for you and that we put a spotlight on selected life sciences topics in Vienna that you should be familiar with. It of course also acts as a reminder that we do not intend to provide a comprehensive review.

This time, we draw your attention to inspiring business opportunities from biotechnology and medical device companies. We also discuss Vienna’s broad expertise in cancer research both in academia and as regards promising new drug candidates. You are also invited to find out more about how microparticles developed at the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology in Vienna help to bring protein production at Boehringer Inhgelheim’s BioXcellence to the next level. Innovations linked to fully automated blood analyses in Vienna’s hospitals also take center stage in one of the articles in the spring edition of our biannual publication.

LISAvienna Highlights 01/2015

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