LISAvienna: China International Medical Equipment Fair 2015

In the form of CMEF Spring 2015, the China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) took place for the 73rd time. The exhibition venue was changed to the National Exhibition and Convention Centre in Shanghai, which was re-opened in 2015, and is the largest continuous building in the world. LISAvienna was most recently represented at the trade show in 2012 and was able to see how significantly the event had developed.

The CMEF Spring took place from May 15 to 18, 2015 as part of the The Health industry Summit (tHIS) in Shanghai. 6,800 organizations from 30 countries presented their products in the Shanghai trade show center, opened in April 2015 with 290,000 m2 (3121 ft2) of exhibition space. A total of 210,000 visitors attended tHIS and made the event the largest life science and healthcare trade show in the world. The operators themselves may not have anticipated such an onslaught - there were massive delays and impressive crowds of people upon leaving the premises, particularly on the first day of the trade show. 12 Austrian companies presented themselves at the shared booth and took part in WKO’s Go-International Initiative. Two additional Austrian companies introduced their products at Asian partners’ booths; a total of six Viennese organizations presented themselves. The domestic companies appeared to be well-prepared and, in the light of the large market, introduced their products and services in Chinese as well. LISAvienna was represented at the Austrian shared booth’s Expert’s Corner to help companies to network, represent the Life Sciences Vienna headquarters, and learn more about the Chinese market. Hardly any other country currently invests in its healthcare infrastructure like China does. Because of this, nearly 1,400 new hospitals were opened during the past year alone. This enormous boom is partly due to the market liberalization introducing private hospitals and the opportunity for foreign investors to operate on-site hospitals. China’s healthcare expenditure is estimated to reach 1 billion dollars in 2020. The exhibiting companies were also able to confirm this trend, whereby European and North American products are mainly in demand by private hospital operators.

The largest healthcare trade show in the world will also play an important role for the medical technology sector in the future. Thanks to the opening of the Chinese market and the rapid increase in healthcare expenditure, the CMEF will become an anchor for any company with sales plans in Asia. A key aspect of this process will be preparing and translating the appropriate documents for the trade show presentation. The availability of qualified translators for Chinese-speaking interested parties at the trade show booth, and back home later on for advising and continually assisting Chinese-speaking customers, must also be taken into account.

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