LISAvienna Business Treff: Tax premium for R&D

On June 25, 2015, LISAvienna organized a high-profile business meeting on the topic of tax premium administration for over 50 interested parties in co-operation with the AUSTIN Pock + Partners GmbH.

Austria provides an important incentive with the 12% tax premium for business investment in research and development. The common goal of AUSTIN Pock + Partners and LISAvienna at this event was to impart information regarding the application process, communicate the anticipated changes and give practical examples of prominent sources of error. The event was open to any type of industry. Special cases in the field of software development and clinical research, however, were considered in more detail.

Claudia Hofmann-Turek, Research Grant Team Manager, FFG, started the event off with an introduction to the general processes concerning this funding instrument, from application to review by the FFG. She also illustrated the interplay of the FFG and tax office as regards to the R&D tax premium.

Then Sara Alkane from AUSTIN Pock + Partners presented practical tips on how to optimize the tax premium for R&D and called attention to strategies that will avoid common mistakes.

Two practical lectures supplemented the program: Niki Popper, CEO of the DWH GmbH, and Andreas Grassauer, CEO of Marinomed Biotechnology GmbH, reported in amusing and entertaining presentations about their personal experiences in dealing with this type of tax premium.

All participants agreed on the importance of professional controlling and good project documentation. All other details are provided by the presentation documents.

The event was ended quite traditionally with networking over finger foods and Viennese wine.

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