LISAvienna: BIO-Europe Spring 2017

From March 20 to 22, 2017, LISAvienna organized the Austrian presence at the BIO-Europe Spring in Barcelona. 22 companies and research institutions, 17 of which are from Vienna, were represented at the LISA joint stand.

More than 2,500 key stakeholders from the European biotech industry met at the BIO-Europe Spring 2017 - for the third time in Barcelona. The Austrian trade show presence was highly popular and gave the participating companies a lot of international visibility. The fact that again an astounding low number of other regions and countries were represented with joint stands that were just as good as LISA’s stand was an additional benefit.

LISAvienna drew interest not only with coffee and chocolate but first and foremost with the most important new developments about the site. The number one topic of discussion was the need to relocate EMA due to BREXIT and the attempt to attract the agency to Vienna.

Apart from that, LISAvienna accepted numerous contact requests for the domestic economy and research and informed company founders from all across Europe about the basic conditions when it comes to founding a company in Vienna. The joint stand also allowed for easily-accessible consultations and contact-brokering for participating Viennese companies. There was a lot of interest in LISAvienna’s partnering offerings, too. Word had spread that LISAvienna offers a special service for large companies and investors by arranging tailor-made programs for getting to know key regional people in life sciences. Particularly the fact that this is organized by the same technology experts that are represented at the international trade shows make it simple for interested parties to take advantage of this offering.

Next year, the event will take place from March 12 to 14 in Amsterdam. LISAvienna will once again organize the Austrian joint stand at the BIO-Europe Spring. Please contact Jürgen Fuchs if you have any questions.

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