LISAvienna: April 2024 newsletter available for reading online

We’re pleased to share a selection of life sciences news from Vienna with you again. Among others, we put headlines from these organizations center stage Boehringer Ingelheim, QMD Services, IMBA, Hookipa Pharma, Octapharma, MedUni Vienna, CeMM, Evercyte, TAmiRNA, ViruSure, Vetmeduni Vienna, Uni Vienna, G.ST Antivirals, ImageBiopsy Lab, XUND, RetInsight, and LBG.

In addition, we update you on events in Vienna, abroad and online as well as on funding opportunities and on recently published reports we recommend for reading. Please also find a link to our most recent article on VIENNA2030 included. It focuses on how the Vienna Business Agency has been opening doors to research, technology and innovation for the next generation. A special highlight are short clips from DMEA with Life Science Austria, nyra health and XUND, information ViennaUP and on The MedTech Forum.

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