Life sciences cluster platform LISAvienna adds new technology expert in autumn

LISAvienna is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and is giving new impetus to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector with the hiring of Elvira Kainersdorfer.

Elvira Kainersdorfer will join the LISAvienna team in October 2022 as a technology expert for biotech & pharma. She brings with her many years of experience as a life sciences investment manager at Austria Wirtschaftsservice, and is familiar with the Austrian start-up landscape and funding opportunities. LISAvienna's managing directors Johannes Sarx and Philipp Hainzl emphasize: "We are very pleased to have attracted a recognized expert for the LISAvienna team in Ms. Kainersdorfer. Her comprehensive know-how in technologies, business models and market prospects and her great network in the private equity sector will bring new, positive impulses for the development of the life sciences location Vienna. Together, we will continue LISAvienna's successful work in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector."

Elvira Kainersdorfer is looking forward to her new tasks at LISAvienna: "I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the Viennese life sciences community and bringing start-ups into contact with our network. Come to me with your questions and concerns. I will also accompany you to trade fairs and conferences as part of international location marketing." Ms. Kainersdorfer's focus will be on the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. She adds, "Over the course of the coming months, I would also like to analyze the current status of the green and food tech sectors in Vienna. The goal is to find out what contributions LISAvienna can make to improve our already good support to the biotech-driven part so the sector can develop in the best possible way."

About LISAvienna

LISAvienna is a joint life science platform operated by Austria Wirtschaftsservice and the Vienna Business Agency. On behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy and the City of Vienna, it contributes to the advancement of life sciences in Vienna. LISAvienna supports innovative biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device and digital health companies in Vienna that develop and market new products, services and processes. The platform links these companies with development partners and key customers. As a central knowledge carrier, LISAvienna provides input for decisions to advance the life sciences in Vienna and contributes to positioning the city of Vienna as one of the leading European innovation centers. LISAvienna celebrates its 20th anniversary and the successes of Vienna’s life sciences sector on September 27. Find out more about the festive event here:

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