Lexogen: SENSE mRNA-Seq library preparation protocol has been upgraded!

The key new features of the SENSE mRNA-Seq Version 2:An All-in-One protocol using magnetic beads for purificationExternal barcodes now included in all kitsMore compatibility for diverse Illumina sequencing platforms*Automation-friendly in liquid handling robotsNow only €39 or $51 per sample!***SENSE mRNA-Seq Version 1 library prep kits are available for Ion Torrent and SOLiD sequencers.**please check out our new prices for the SENSE Total RNA-Seq library prep kit too!

All-in-One kit for generating >99.9% strand-specific libraries in less than 5 hours

SENSE is a complete strand-specific mRNA-Seq library prep kit for accurate gene expression profiling, transcriptome sequencing, discovery and quantification of antisense transcripts and overlapping genes. The protocol is based on Lexogen's proprietary Strand-Displacement Stop/Ligation technology which eliminates the need for additional fragmentation steps.

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SENSE mRNA-Seq Version 1 kits for major sequencing platforms are available until the end of December, 2014.
Free trial kits are available upon request.

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