Lexogen: RNA extraction with NGS-grade quality

Lexogen - Early Summer PromotionNGS-grade RNA extraction kit with up to 50% discounted price

RNA with NGS-grade quality
Success of the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) experiment is highly dependent on the quality of the samples used. Unfortunately, most of the existing extraction methods are not able to provide RNA of the sufficient purity, and this furthermore distorts the quality of NGS data. SPLIT RNA Extraction kit is a protocol of next generation, which virtually eliminates genomic DNA and other types of contamination and therefore provides NGS-grade quality RNA. It is very simple, takes just 30 minutes and thus does not increase complexity of the NGS process, which is already quite long and tedious.

A single solution for all types of RNA
You can choose to extract total RNA as a whole, or separate large RNA from small RNA and get each fraction.

No need for DNase treatment - More intact RNA
Most RNA extraction procedures result in RNA samples contaminated with genomic DNA, which can cause false-positive outcomes in highly sensitive applications such as RNA-Seq library preparation for NGS or RT-qPCR. With SPLIT, genomic DNA is eliminated during the extraction process, and therefore no DNase treatment is necessary.

Phase-lock gel for no interphase picking
Phase-lock gel separates the aqueous phase completely from interphase layers, and it virtually eliminates risk of sample contamination with interphase materials. You can simply decant the supernatant without elaborating on not touching the interphase.

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