Lexogen: QuantSeq-Flex Targeted RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit

The QuantSeq-Flex Kit is a library preparation protocol designed to make Illumina compatible libraries from any RNA sample using custom primers.

  • Enabling development of your own gene panels for custom or targeted RNA-Seq
  • Cost-effective sequencing of up to 96 samples/lane
  • RNA-Seq libraries in 4.5 hours
  • A kit for advanced users of RNA-Seq

QuantSeq-Flex includes QuantSeq FWD 3' mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit and modules for reverse transcription and second strand synthesis, allowing users to choose their own primers for either one of these steps or both of them.

This offers maximum flexibility in the choice of targets and input material. The QuantSeq FWD Kit is a library preparation protocol designed to generate Illumina and Ion Torrent compatible libraries of the sequences close to the 3’ end of the polyadenylated RNA. It includes OligodT priming during reverse transcription and random priming during second strand synthesis.The QuantSeq-Flex First Strand Synthesis Module enables the exchange of the reverse transcription primer with a custom or targeted primer in the QuantSeq protocol.With the QuantSeq-Flex Second Strand Synthesis Module the random second strand synthesis primer can be substituted with a custom or targeted primer in the QuantSeq protocol.Both modules can be also combined and used for targeted RNA-Seq for known targets detection.

QuantSeq-Flex modular kit gives maximum flexibility to the user encouraging implementation of RNA-Seq as a part of the experimental pipeline. One fragment per transcript produced and usage of custom primers makes this kit a perfect solution for cost-saving high-throughput gene expression analysis. QuantSeq-Flex is suitable for targeted sequencing of gene panels, enrichment, detection of fusion genes and various other types of transcripts.

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