Lexogen: New cDNA Amplification kit for RNA research

As a pioneer in RNA-related technology, Lexogen is dedicated to developing innovative technologies that can provide solutions for many challenges in RNA research. Today, we are very much glad to present another new innovative technology which will provide a breakthrough in RNA research.

TeloPrime is a full-length cDNA Amplification Kit which faithfully tags both 5' Cap and 3' Poly-A tail of mRNA to target only the intact transcripts to be amplified into full-length cDNA which can be used for subsequent processes like NGS library preparation, microarray, RACE, and cloning and so on.
CDLL is a proprietary technology developed by Lexogen and it is the key technology applied in TeloPrime. It utilizes linkers that specifically target 5'-cap sequence of transcripts. By using double-strand-specific ligase, the ligation only takes place if the cap is present and if the reverse transcription has really reached the 5' end of the mRNA. No ligation will take place if no cap is present, e.g. in degraded RNA or premature termination of reverse transcription. Eventually, only the mRNA with both 5' cap and 3' poly-A tail are selectively amplified to generate full-length cDNA. Powered by CDLL Technology, TeloPrime keeps the highest selectivity for 5' cap compared to any other protocols available. Together with strong poly-A tail selectivity of oligo dT priming and long reverse transcription technology of Lexogen, TeloPrime provides the highest accuracy for amplifying only the transcripts which have both 5' cap and 3' poly-A tail to ensure accurate pinpointing of transcription start site and end site. (TSS, TES)

Flexibility for Input RNA
TeloPrime provides high flexibility for input material requirements, and it has been thoroughly tested on various types of samples in challenging conditions. It provides efficient and reproducible amplification of full-length cDNA with as little as 1 ng of total RNA as starting material.

Diverse Downstream Applications
TeloPrime can generate full-length cDNA of high quality which can be used for diverse downstream applications, such as Next-Generation Sequencing, microarray, RACE, cloning and so on. PCR add-on kit is available for 5' or 3' RACE assays, and it can be used for NGS library preparation as well.

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