Lexogen has launched the SLAMseq product family for high throughput metabolic sequencing of RNA.

SLAMseq family of kits is based on the new transcriptome-wide, non-invasive, quantitative, fast, and reliable method: Thiol (SH)-Linked Alkylation for the Metabolic Sequencing of RNA, which was published in Nature Methods today.

SLAMseq vs. Standard RNA-Seq
SLAMseq can differentiate between newly synthesized (nascent) RNA and existing RNA, while standard RNA-Seq measures total steady-state RNA levels only.

Compared to standard RNA-Seq the SLAMseq protocol adds only two extra steps: labeling of the RNA by adding one compound to the culture medium and pre-processing the total RNA before continuing with a standard RNA-Seq protocol.


  • Analyze transcriptome-wide kinetics of RNA synthesis and turnover
  • Measure nascent RNA expression and transcript stability
  • Gain novel insights into the control of gene expression
  • Use in combination with QuantSeq 3’ mRNA-Seq for cost-effective, high throughput metabolic sequencing

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