Lexogen: A new Poly(A) RNA Selection Kit

Lexogen has developed a new Poly(A) RNA Selection Kit. Magnetic bead-based protocol allows rapid and highly specific enrichment of polyadenylated RNA from total RNA samples.

Highly Specific for Poly(A) RNALexogen's Poly(A) RNA Selection Kit is very specific for polyadenylated RNA and acts in a very efficient manner to eliminate ribosomal RNA (rRNA), which does not have poly(A) tail, from total RNA samples. rRNA removal has been evaluated in multiple RNA-Seq experiments. Only 0.0003% of all Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) reads map to cytoplasmic rRNA. Rapid TurnaroundPolyadenylated RNA can be isolated from total RNA samples within about one hour. Various Downstream ApplicationsIsolated mRNA can directly be used for RNA-Seq library preparation (e.g., SENSE Total RNA-Seq kit), SAGE, CAGE, cloning, microarrays, cDNA synthesis, and others. Learn more about Poly(A) RNA Selection Kit Get your free RiboCop trial kit  

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