Kapsch to support the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute

Since the start of this year, there has been a sponsorship agreement between the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute and the Kapsch Group. With a donation of EUR 300,000 to the institute, Kapsch has provided access to the latest “next-generation” sequencing technology which will be used for the very first time for children’s cancer research in Austria. The technology will help to better understand the mechanisms of children’s cancer, and to tailor treatments to individual needs.

The research work as part of the “Next Generation Sequencing of Tumors in Children” project is aimed at revealing the causes of the disease, relapses and therapy resistance. This new high-tech method is capable of scanning the genetic information of a tumor and capturing all the changes. It makes it possible to use therapies in a targeted manner and to estimate the risk of relapse more accurately. “We are very grateful that now the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute can also take advantage of this important technological development to the benefit of children,” said Prof. Heinrich Kovar, scientific director.

“Kapsch supports this project, firm in the conviction and hope that this can make a significant contribution to increasing the chances of children recovering from cancer,” explained Dr. Kari Kapsch, COO and member of the executive board of Kapsch Group. Kapsch will support the project for next three years.

St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute
Over the past 25 years, a small laboratory in the upper floor of St. Anna Children's Hospital has grown to become a world-class research institute. Today, the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute is one of the leading research centers in the field of pediatric oncology. The close physical proximity of St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute to St. Anna Children's Hospital is a significant factor in the high efficiency of basic research, clinical research and applying the findings in clinical practice. Every year, about 250 children and young people contract cancer in Austria. Thanks to the interdisciplinary research work at international level, 70-80% of the children can already be cured. The St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute is financed mainly by donations.
For further information: www.kinderkrebsforschung.at

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