invIOs presents exciting preclinical data showing that immune-activating small molecule INV501 induces strong cytotoxic activity against solid tumors

- INV501, a potentially first-in-class compound, induces strong anti-tumor immune responses in preclinical models in different solid tumor indications

- Treatment with INV501 significantly inhibits tumor growth, extends survival and increases cure rates even after end of treatment

- INV501 is an orally available compound with good bioavailability and favorable pharmacokinetic profile

invIOs GmbH (“invIOs”), a privately held biotechnology company developing novel therapies for cancer, today publicly disclosed data for the first time from its high-potential small molecule program, INV501, showing that the novel compound can induce strong anti-tumor immune responses.

INV501 comprises a class of novel small molecules that can selectively enhance tumor-reactive cytotoxicity in preclinical in vivo model systems. The data show that INV501 significantly inhibits tumor growth, resulting in prolonged survival and increased cure rates even beyond the end of treatment when administered as an oral single agent in an orthotopic murine B16-SIY melanoma model.

Similarly, in a breast cancer model using EO771 cells, tumor growth was significantly inhibited and survival prolonged even beyond the end of treatment. INV501 is orally available and has good bioavailability as well as a favorable pharmacokinetic profile.

Dr Romana Gugenberger, CMSO of invIOs, said:

“These promising preclinical data highlight the exciting potential of invIOs’s novel small molecule, INV501, in solid tumor indications where medical need is high. Having filed IP protection for a new chemical entity at the end of 2022, we are seeking to advance the development of the program towards the clinic by 2025 as we strive to bring new treatment options to cancer patients as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

The data were also presented at the 2023 Annual Congress of the European Association for Cancer Research in Turin, Italy, as a poster entitled “A novel class of small molecules for oral application to enhance tumor-reactive T cell cytotoxicity against melanoma”.

INV501 was identified as part of a phenotypic screen for compounds that can activate T cells. Members of the compound hit series can induce elevated levels of T cell activation markers as well as enhanced secretion of cytokines. This activation is selective and occurs only in the context of an antigen encounter. INV501 also increases T cell proliferation and strengthens T cell mediated killing of melanoma cells in a dose-dependent manner.

About invIOs

invIOs is a privately held biotech company based in Vienna, Austria, focusing on the discovery and development of novel therapies for cancer. The invIOs team leverages deep expertise in immune system activation to develop individualized and targeted approaches against solid tumors. invIOs is advancing a pipeline of three programs encompassing small-molecule and cell-therapy approaches.

INV501 is a novel small molecule candidate that can selectively enhance anti-tumor immune responses. It induces T cell activation, proliferation, and tumor-reactive cytotoxicity. An orally available compound with good bioavailability, INV501 is currently in preclinical testing in several solid tumor models and has demonstrated preclinical proof of concept.

EPiC, invIOs’s proprietary cell therapy platform, enables rapid treatment of patients in an out-patient setting. EPiC is a technological platform that allows the creation of personalized cell therapies based on localized processing of a patient’s fresh immune cells. The first asset from the EPiC platform, APN401, is in Phase 1 clinical trials against various solid tumors. The second asset, INV441, is being developed against glioblastoma and is in preclinical evaluation.

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