Industry 4.0: Cubicure voted Top 4 of innovating Startups

Cubicure was selected from over 200 stereolithography startups globally

Startus INSIGHTS analyzed 236 stereolithography (SLA) startups from all over the world in a study to evaluate their industry 4.0 potential: Cubicure was selected as one of the best available solutions for SLA.

Industry 4.0 and additive manufacturing

The fourth industrial revolution is in the making and deals with the connection of data-based computer systems and the real-world manufacturing environment. Wherever this connection is being achieved, a variety of new optimization methods gets unlocked to further increase the efficiency of production: AI starts to support production logistics, humans find new ways to interact with complex machinery and individualized mass production is about to arise.

Additive manufacturing (AM) systems – also known as 3D-printing - are ideal processes to close the gap between the digital and physical world. Lithographic AM processes use light information and light energy to create three-dimensional objects. Their light engines are fed by pure digital information and thus such systems are the most direct way of digital production. There is no more need for tools or molds as the geometric information is directly translated into the physical matter. By doing so, it becomes possible to create new shapes and innovative parts in a very short time and without significant financial risk. Even individualized parts can be produced in an industrial scale. With the help of automated data processing systems, humanity, for the first time ever, can realize individualized mass production of parts and products of various use.

Cubicure becomes one of the top SLA companies globally

Cubicure is developing and distributing innovative lithographic AM systems for polymers and composite materials. The base of this innovation is given by the Hot Lithography technology which for the first time allows the use of high-performance polymers for light-based 3D-printing. Such performance materials are actively supporting the breakthrough of AM technologies in the industrial environment. Beside the process knowhow, Cubicure already features one of the biggest photochemistry developer teams globally: after two decades of significant research track record achieved by the Department of Applied Synthetic Chemistry at TU Wien in Austria, this knowhow is now continuously growing in the local AM industry. Cubicure is driven by the essential connection between photochemistry and process technology in lithographic AM systems and is providing integrated solutions for industrial users. This credo is honored by customers from Europe, North America and Asia as well as by ‘startus INSIGHTS’ in their recent SLA company screening. The Cubicure team is appreciating this confidence and we are glad to say: THANK YOU!

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