Improved business in life sciences lecture program starts 2007

Starting with the winter term 2007 the business in life sciences lecture program at the University of Vienna’s Molecular Biology curriculum is available in an updated and improved form.

Improvements in brief:
- Streamlining and concentration of courses and lectures in 2 terms instead of 4
- Adjustments with respect to bachelor and master curricula
- Improvement of courses and lectures regarding allocation of contents

Winter termSummer term
3 ECTS VO Business in Biotech 3 ECTS SE Presentation Skills - Science MASTER
3 ECTS VO Patent Basics for Natural Scientists BACHELOR
2 ECTS UE Business in Biotech 2 ECTS SE Presentation Skills - Business 5 ECTS VO Processes in Pharmaceutical Industry MASTER
2 ECTS UE Patent Basics for Natural Scientists
Winter and summer term: 5 ECTS UE Business in Biotech Training at LISA VR and aws

Updated business in life sciences lecture program at a glance

Winter term 2007:
- Business in Biotech, 2 VO, 3 ECTS
- Patent Basics for Natural Scientists, 2 VO, 3 ECTS
- Presentation Skills - Science, 2 SE, 3 ECTS
- Business in Biotech Training, 5 UE, 5 ECTS

In addition, LISA VR for the second time delivers a lecture on “Biotechnology in Austria” at the Bioengineering program of the Fachhochschule fh campus Wien that is also included in the new Bachelor/Master Curriculum.

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