ImageBiopsy Lab: Official partner of Nuance AI Marketplace

ImageBiopsy Lab is excited to be one of only 13 official partners of the Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging, the first open platform for developers, data scientists and radiologists.

Nuance’s market place aims to accelerate the development, deployment, and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) for medical imaging.
Through the Nuance AI Marketplace, technology partners such as ImageBiopsy Lab can deploy their algorithms into the PowerShare Network, a cloud-based platform for accessing and sharing imaging data across organizations, desktops and mobile devices. The algorithms can then easily be selected and accessed through the Nuance PowerScribe reporting platform in a radiologist’s daily workflow, without having to acquire new reporting or image sharing systems or change their preferred workflow.

At the forefront of AI for medical imaging

The AI development partners such as Aidoc, ImageBiopsy Lab, Zebra Medical Vision and Aidence will be among the first to offer a wide range of disease-specific machine learning and deep learning algorithms for image analysis, workflow optimization, clinical decision support, and other radiology applications and use cases.

With the AI Marketplace, radiologists can quickly analyze medical imaging and then integrate them into their day-to-day workflow. The Nuance AI Marketplace is designed to be a prime source for imaging algorithms that augment the capabilities of radiologists and provide rapid, open access to the industry’s most advanced research.

Since 70% of US radiologists use Nuance diagnostic solutions, this offers us a huge potential for a rapid deployment of our proprietary imaging AI algorithms into the existing workflow of thousands of radiologists.

We look forward to seeing US radiologists access the Nuance AI Marketplace to download our bone disease algorithms, then incorporate those algorithms into their regular PowerScribe desktop workflow. We are thankful for this opportunity!

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